HATE LATE? 911-1111. HOT on the DOT.

Last Saturday, I learned quite a number of things about Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut pioneered the one number delivery system, has stores dedicated for delivery, pioneered the 30-minute delivery guarantee, use their in-house representatives for taking delivery orders, and is now pioneering the campaign for fast and fresh delivery.

Called HOT on the DOT, Pizza Hut’s latest campaign, aims to provide pizza lovers fast, hot, and fresh pizza.

What is Hot on the DOT campaign, really?

Upon delivery, Pizza Hut shows customers a black sticker and then puts the sticker at the top of the pizza cover and wait if the sticker will show the word HOT. If the word shows, the pizza is hot and fresh. If the word does not show, well, you know what that means.

HOT on the DOT sticker
HOT on the DOT sticker
HOT on the DOT sticker shows HOT
HOT on the DOT sticker shows HOT

Celebrity endorser Diether Ocampo joined the “hottest” press-con and talked about the Hot on the DOT campaign and his relationship with Pizza Hut. I will post his talk and interview video later.

Diether Ocampo
Diether Ocampo talks about Pizza Hut's HOT on the DOT campaign

Here are the rest of the event pictures

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