Alliance Select Foods launches affordable luxury line of premium tuna

At a media briefing at Rustic Mornings by Isabelo, Alliance Select Foods International, Inc. (ASFII) launched a new premium line Bay of Gold Select Tuna, a collection of globally-inspired and rich-flavored canned tuna made from 100% prime and select cuts like the oil-rich belly fillet.

Alliance Select saw the opportunity to offer exceptional quality yet affordable tuna in the market since discerning consumers buy expensive, imported canned tuna in select specialty stores.

“First class quality canned tuna is hard to come by and Filipinos often have to resort to buying expensive, imported canned tuna products. What we aim to do is provide the richest cuts of tuna that were previously available through imported channels only, at an affordable price,” said Alliance Select President Mr. Raymond K.H. See.

Premium tuna is known as the best high-protein source that comes with plenty of Omega 3 healthy fatty acids.

“Premium tuna is consistently touted by fitness experts as a delicious and healthy food source for muscle building and recovery. Food enthusiasts and home cooks also prefer premium tuna cuts as a staple in nutritious comfort food recipes for their friends and family,” See added.

Bay of Gold Select Tuna comes in five artisanal variants: Tuna Flakes in Shoyu, an Asian-inspired choice that heightens the umami flavours of Pacific tuna flakes; Tuna Big Flakes in Oil with Chili, a product prepared in olive oil and enough chilli to provide a hint of heat; Manuka Smoked Tuna Solid in Olive Oil, a variant featuring tuna smoked with 100% organic Manuka wood chips to further enhance the premium cuts with aromatics; and two variants of tuna belly or Ventresca, in Olive Oil and Manuka Smoked Ventresca.

Alliance Select added that the new line is produced using responsible fishing methods and sourced from the best places around the world. The homegrown multinational company operates in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand, and the United States with 75 partners in over 33 countries.

Bay of Gold Select Tuna is available from PHP 99.75 to PHP 215.00 in Landers, Landmark, Real Food, and in more locations soon.

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