Tasty Foods to Experience while Travelling to Philippines?

Philippines, a country with over 7000 islands and a vibrant history boasts of some very specialized dishes of its own. Filipino food is all about a rich abundance of tropical fruits, seafood and plenty of creative cooks. So, what are tasty foods to experience while traveling to Philippines?


This ubiquitous dish is popular in every household in Philippines. Mexican in its origin, Adobo is a unique way of cooking meat (pork or chicken) in salt, vinegar, pepper, soya sauce, garlic and a host of other spices. The cooking style can also be applied to several other types of meat or seafood as well. No meal in Philippines is complete in the absence of Adobo!


Often served as a party dish, Lechon consists of an entire pig roasted over coal. The gold brown and crisp skin is often served with liver sauce, which is undoubtedly the most coveted portion of the dish. Lechon is prepared by stuffing the pig’s stomach with pepper, star anise, spring onions, lemon grass and laurel leaves.


Tourists love to bite into the chewy and crunchy texture of this appetizing dish which goes well with a glass of chilled beer. This sizzling dish is made from the liver, head and cheeks of pigs.

Chicken Insal

This delicious grilled chicken is prepared by marinating meat in calamansi, lemongrass, salt, garlic and pepper. Meat is brushed with achuete oil before grilling. Each part of the chicken is carefully grilled and this includes the pecho (breast), paa (drumstick), atay (liver), corazon (heart), baticulon (gizzard) and pakpak (wings). Chicken Insal is usually served with a large helping of garlic rice.

Taba ng talangka

This exotic and rare dish is made by pressing the fat of a type of crabs and sautéing the same in garlic. This Filipino dish is laden with cholesterol and is often served as a tempting sauce with prawns, rice or fried fish.

Pancit palabok

This delectable noodle dish oozes with flavors and textures and is usually served as an exotic recipe in parties. It contains of layers of rice noodles and an orange sauce cooked with pork, shrimp broth, boiled eggs, chicharon (pork rinds), squids, shrimps oysters.


This is an exciting dish prepared from rich coconut milk and taro leaves and is one of the staples in Philippines.

Tourists with ESTA approval in place also love to relish the delights of crispy pata, Bulalo, Arroz Caldo and Fish tinola along with Kare-kare, Kamera, longganisa (Philippine sausage), mechado, torta (omelette) and Sinigang. They love to try out specialized dishes in off beat eateries and locations as well. Filipino cuisine owes its taste to delicacies originating from Spanish, Malay, American as well as Chinese kitchens and is one of the most favored in the world. Latin and Asian influence can also be felt in some of the locale palates and indigenous ingredients savored by travelers with ESTA. These exotic as well as staple Filipino dishes can be best enjoyed in fine dining restaurants, outdoor cafeterias and pubs— adding tasty dimensions to vacations and trips in Philippines.

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