Tik-tilaok Chicken Burger at Ortigas MRT Station


Have you tried Tik-tilaok and their chicken burger?

After eating at Tokyo Tokyo in TriNoma yesternight, Sinful Spoon and I went to SM Megamall to meet our friends at Gotti’s Ristorante. We boarded the train at North Avenue MRT Station and got off at Ortigas MRT Station.

When we’re at the ticket gates we saw Tik-tilaok food booth. Sinful Spoon said that her friends tells her that Tik-tilaok serves good chicken burger. Considering we just ate a rice-all-you-can dinner, Sinful Spoon was a little bit hesitant to try their burger but I told her I don’t like to pass up the opportunity and we can share on a single burger just to have a taste. She agreed and we bought one chicken burger.

Tik-tilaok Chicken Burger
Tik-tilaok Chicken Burger / Php 25

Tik-tilaok chicken burger is priced at 25 pesos. I think it is affordable considering the burger’s size.

Tik-tilaok Chicken Burger Ad
Tik-tilaok Chicken Burger Ad

I don’t have any complaints about the taste and the size however, the burger served to us wasn’t warm and I like my burgers warm.

Anyway, if you’re at Ortigas MRT Station going to the office or somewhere else and you’re stomach is calling you to put some stuff in it then at 25 pesos, Tik-tilaok Chicken Burger is a good buy.

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