Lunch at Rai Rai Ken

Whenever I’m eating out, I’m always on the look for a good ramen place. One time when I was in Robinsons Manila with Marikon, we saw Rai Rai Ken Ramen House and Sushi Bar and decided to try them out.

Rai Rai Ken Seafoods Hotpot

I ordered this Seafoods Hotpot.

Rai Rai Ken Kantonmen

Marikon ordered this Kantonmen.

Rai Rai Ken Super California Maki with Salmon Salad Toppings

Marikon loves to eat sushi so I asked her if she wants to taste the California maki with salmon salad toppings. She just smiled so we ordered one.

Rai Rai Ken California Maki

Still not satisfied (yes, we eat a lot together!), we ordered another batch of California maki but with no salmon salad this time. Busog na busog kami!


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