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Issue:  This document was last revised in May 05, 2012.


Statement of Neutrality, Alignment, and Interests

I work for .

Events, Conferences, Trade shows

I have participated in blogger events, conferences, and trade shows. These events are sessions optimized for bloggers which may be public information or pre-release information under embargo or non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

These may be sponsored directly by companies or individuals; which provided me airfare, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, and meals while visiting companies. I also received nominal promotional materials (pens, notepads, apparel, etc.) from the company sponsors of the events. These events are always normal and standard in nature, there is no extravagant treatment in the means involved (meals, travel, etc.). All of these events are of the same standard of how I would travel on my own or as a typical employer would arrange (airfare, hotel, meals, transportation, etc.).

When I participate in blogging events, in most situations the blog posts that end up on the commercial sites are pro-bono. The general test is if I do additional research or product evaluations on the material after the blogging events, it can be revenue blogging material.

Revenue and Operations

Ad Revenue TableSurfer.com uses third party ad networks. The site currently use Google AdSense.

Comment Moderation To date, I’ve not had a valid comment not be passed through moderation. WordPress has a SPAM engine that picks up some comments, which I review.

If a comment use language I find offensive, I reserve the right to edit or delete the comment. Otherwise, all comments will be permitted on the site.

For my material that ends up on other sites, each site manages their comment process to their standards and requirements. I have no control over that process.

If you have any questions about this material, please  go to the contact page.

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