You Heard It Right – It Is Carrot Cake Ice Cream

A good imagination, the poets say, is necessary for producing delightful poems. It holds absolutely true for ice cream too. A good imagination can magnify the experience of having an ice cream immensely.

Research indicates that vanilla is the most popular flavor of ice cream; yet, since when has man been characterized only by popularity? Spice is the variety of life, as familiarity breeds boredom. More often than not you will find yourself pairing the scoop of vanilla with an extra accessory ranging from a warm apple pie to being seasoned with chocolate syrup or caramel sauce.

Dare to experiment a bit:

  • Each of us is fond of the classics yet at times it is not a bad idea to experiment a bit.
  • Try blending carrot ice cream with some outlandish combinations, say a generous helping of yoghurt seasoned with lemon and frozen deep with a few crystals of citric acid for company.
  • I offer you a one to hundred odds that you are going to be intrigued by the resultant colored and tangy flavor. You are bound to like it if not love it.
  • A cook who loves his craft and realizes the importance of imagination will not only appreciate these delectable flavors but also itch at trying them out. This is the surest recipe for enlivening the taste buds of guests preparing to go into hibernation mode after a long winding dinner.
  • Though these flavors can be prepared in advance yet their surprise value will be immense. And mind you, the health quotient does not need to be thrown out, for these desserts can be as healthy as any other dessert.

Let us eat healthy:

For example did you know that French buckwheat crepes do not and should not contain even a trace of regular flour? The whole hearted taste of buckwheat is surely an inspiration to try something with it. So here we go:

  • Take some roasted buckwheat also known as kasha
  • Scoop some custard based ice cream in a separate bowl
  • Add the roasted buckwheat to the ice cream. You must remember to check yourself or an overkill will surely spoil the flavor.
  • Churn the ice cream and add some more buckwheat as a garnishing

If all goes well you will find yourself enjoying a unique flavor of smooth creaminess blended with a delicious nutty-sweetish tinge. Don’t blame me if you get hooked!

I now pronounce you carrot cake and ice cream:

Or let us try and indulge your taste buds in another direction. What do you say to a carrot cake ice cream – a combination of carrot cake and ice cream? Yeah the combination is a particularly delicious one and a huge hit among those who have tried it. Give the ingredients a thought: cream cheese garnished with sour cream as the base studded with candied pecans, currants doused and soaked in whiskey. To top it all add a dash of candied carrots cooked in vanilla.  Throw in some resins, cinnamon and you can add a tablespoon of dark rum to instill a deep flavor to the ice cream. Serve it as it is or garnish it with a bit of caramel sauce. Enjoy your delicious after meal to the fullest while the ice cream is still cold and the delectable carrot cake is still warm.

Stanley Cooper is an ice cream lover who has always been partial to the ice cream cake. He dreams of having a small store someday to sell his favourite cold dessert.

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