Sebastian’s Coconut Caramel ‘Latik’ Ice Cream

Coconut Caramel Ice Cream
Sebastian's Coconut Caramel 'Latik' Ice Cream (Courtesy of Sebastian's)

Sebastian’s, one of my favorite ice cream parlor announced yesterday through their Facebook page that they will start selling Coconut Caramel ‘Latik‘ Ice Cream this Friday.

Latik Ice Cream is a rich and creamy ice cream that starts with gata extracted from freshly-grated coconut, which is then mixed with brown sugar and cooked down into a dark, thick and gooey sweet coconut caramel. This flavor is purely Pinoy, using one of our most abundant and celebrated ingredients.

If you like Salted Butter Caramel, you will love Latik! Scooping begins on Friday, April 20 at all branches!

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