In Bohol and on a Budget? Try Took’s Grill Hauz, Home of Chicken Ati-Atihan

Took's Grill Hauz
Took's Grill Hauz

Took’s Grill Hauz didn’t invent chicken barbecue, they perfected it.

Or at least that’s what they claim.

Took's Grill Hauz Road Sign
Took's Grill Hauz Road Sign

When my family and I were going to Panglao Island last Thursday we asked our driver, Arvin, where’s a good place to have our dinner. Arvin suggested that since food at the beach would be pricey we may want to try a budget barbecue place called Took’s Grill Hauz which serves Chicken Ati-Atihan.

We asked him what Chicken Ati-Atihan means and he quipped, “manok na ma mapapasayaw ka sa sarap.” Curiosity piqued, we excitedly decided to have our dinner there.

So about a few hundred meters after traversing Panglao Island Circumferential Road in Libaong, Panglao, we saw the road sign of Took’s Grill Hauz.

Took's Grill Hauz Counter
Took's Grill Hauz Counter
Took's Grill Hauz Grill
Took's Grill Hauz Grill

While they were talking to a server, deciding our order, I took the time to go to their grilling area and see how they prepare their chicken barbecue. From what I can see and smell, they’re juicy and I can smell the chicken’s barbecue aroma.

Took's Grill Hauz Menu Front
Took's Grill Hauz Menu Front

Took's Grill Hauz Menu Back
Took's Grill Hauz Menu Back

Chicken Ati-Atihan Paa
Chicken Ati-Atihan Paa / Php 90

Chicken Ati-Atihan Pecho
Chicken Ati-Atihan Pecho / Php 90

We ordered chicken ati-atihan pecho with unlimited rice and then pochero for our soup. Arvin was right, it’s a recommended place to eat. Their chicken are juicy and flavorful. You may even eat it without dipping it in a sauce. That’s how good it is!

Took's Grill Hauz Pochero
Took's Grill Hauz Pochero / Php 155

Took's Grill Hauz Halo-Halo
Took's Grill Hauz Halo-Halo / Php 90

The following day, Friday, we got up early for the dolphin watching and island hopping tour but there were no dolphins that morning. Too sad, I felt our money was wasted. I should have played poker with that money instead.

We came back noon time and then we took a tricycle from Dumaluan Beach Resort to Took’s Grill Hauz to have our lunch there. Took’s got us dancing and we’re on a budget that’s why we went there again.

Took's Grill Hauz Fish Sinigang
Took's Grill Hauz Fish Sinigang / Php 150

This time though, we ordered chicken ati-atihan paa with unlimited rice and then fish sinigang for our soup and regular halo-halo for our desert. Now I’m decided, this is one of the best chicken barbecue I’ve tasted.

Table Surfer’s take
Took’s Grill Hauz has a nice ambiance, offers good food at a budget price, and it is reasonably accessible from the beach. I highly recommend it when you’re in Bohol, especially if you’re on a budget.

Took’s Grill Hauz
Libaong, Panglao, Bohol

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