Lazy Dinner: Jollibee’s Hash Brown Burger and Grilled Pork Tenders

I’m hungry, no food, and I have no telephone at my place. I’m miserable.


I logged-on to Jollibee Delivery, looked their menu and I realized I haven’t tried their Hash Brown Burger and Grilled Pork Tenders so I ordered them for my dinner.

Hash Brown Burger
Juicy Yum patty, with sliced cheese and catsup sandwiched in two pieces of crispy hash browns. Dining-in, it's Php64 à la carte and Php80 with a regular drink. For delivery, it's Php70.40 and Php88 with a regular drink.
Grilled Pork Tenders
Grilled tender pork slices with just the right blend of sweetness and peppery taste. It is served with plain rice and toyomansi dip. For delivery, it's Php71.50 à la carte and Php89.10 with regular drink.

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