Julie’s Bakeshop And World Food Programme Team Up To Fight Hunger In The Philippines

Julie's Bakeshop Family Holds A Bayan Sliced Bread

Earlier this day, Julie’s Bakeshop launched its newest product – Bayan Sliced Bread.

Joseph Gandionco, President and CEO of Julie’s Franchising, also revealed that Julie’s Bakeshop is the first Filipino owned food company to partner with World Food Programme (WFP). I was amazed that since returning here in the Philippines in 2006, WFP hasn’t partnered with anyone yet.

The partnership’s first agenda is to feed more people through Julie’s newest product. With every purchase of a Bayan Sliced Bread, Julie’s Bakeshop gives a fraction (two pesos) of its cost to WFP.

According to Joseph, they started from Visayas, then opened stores to Mindanao, and then to Luzon. He also shared that the country’s largest bakeshop chain is planning to expand their business to other Asian countries by late 2012 or early 2013.

See the gallery below for more pictures.


  1. WFP has partnered with lots of companies in the Phl, but they were mostly foreign such as Pizza Hut/Taco Bell/KFC etc. Local companies were for example Bayo and Globe. Julie’s is (and now please read in detail) the FIRST FILIPINO OWNED AND RUN COMPANY TO ENTER A ONE-YEAR product-based marketing campaign with WFP

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