6 Dangerous Things That Could Go Wrong In Your Kitchen

Dangerous Things In Kitchen

Mistakes are inevitable in the kitchen. Dangerous things are lurking in the kitchen that could be the cause of life-threatening accidents. Below are the things that could go off-beam and how they can be prevented. Special attention to parents with kids who frequent the kitchen.

  1. Floor Tiles from Hell – Especially the ones that are glazed. Yes, they are beautiful but they can also be dangerous. It can be as slippery as ice when smeared with oil or a few drops of soapy water. Just to be sure, don’t choose glazed kitchen floor tiles to avoid major injuries from slipping accidents.
  2. Murderous Glass Utensils – Glass utensils are okay but dangerous when put over the kitchen burners. Research shows that glass utensils like glass casseroles on burners which are accidentally left on far too long can explode like grenades. It’s advisable to store glass utensils away from children who could play with them.
  3. Killer Toasters – Toasters are lethal because you could get electric shocks when mindlessly using metal utensils like a knife or fork to fish out and poke a toast that’s stuck. In fact, a hundred people a year die because of toasters. For precautionary measures, never use metal when picking out your toast.
  4. Deadly Teasing by Grease – Is the leading cause of grease fires. Grease fires don’t occur when deep-frying, it can result at a later time. Drippings from butter, shortening and oil on the stove or at the base of the pan could catch fire when used later on. To prevent grease fires, one should wipe clean stoves from drippings and spatters and make sure that the bottoms of pans are clean before cooking. Even dried drippings can ignite while you cook. So wipe your burners and ovens after cooking.
  5. Crippling Electrical Cords – Overloaded circuits are a no-no. Because the kitchen contains so many appliances than most parts of the house, it could create a jungle of electric cords sharing limited outlets which are hazardous. Or they could be splashed on and get wet, a dangerous chance for electric shocks. A safe way to prevent unwanted accidents is to unplug appliances after each use. And keep them away from family pets who could chew them and family members who could trip on them.
  6. Accident by Volatiles – Flammable substances like kerosene and other cleaning solvents could easily cause explosions resulting to fires if stored in the kitchen. For safety, it’s best to store them away from the kitchen and away from little children.

Strange things happen in the kitchen. It’s best to prepare by having a fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergencies and learn the basics of first aid for safety and rescue.

* This guest post was prepared by Help Articles writer promoting cooking games for girls.

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