Manang’s Chicken: Ang Bagong Fried Chicken ng Pinoy!

Yesterday, my sister and her family dropped by to our house before we all went to the birthday party of our cousin’s daughter. Bringing with them is this nice smelling fried chicken – Manang’s Chicken.

Manang's Chicken - Mild Spicy
Manang's Chicken - Mild Spicy

When we opened the styro and saw the chicken, the first thing that came to my mind is that it kind of looks like Bon Chon Chicken. According to their menu (see image below) Manang’s Chicken are actually double deep fried crispy chicken with secret soy garlic sauce.

Manang's Chicken - Original
Manang's Chicken - Original

Asked where she bought it, she said Manang’s Chicken has a branch located at Garnet Road along Ortigas. She also said that they’re available at Mercato Centrale.

Enough of the talk, we started eating. The first one I ate was the mild spicy chicken. It’s crispy, warm, and there’s so much taste. I can smell the soy garlic sauce while munching on it. Add to it is its level of spiciness that is just right for me. Right then and there, I said to myself that I’ll visit one of their branches and have more of this. It’s that good.

OurAwesomePlanet went so far as saying “We often tease Jill that Manang’s Chicken is the next Mang Inasal. So it is really interesting to see how their story unfolds.”

Here’s their menu for your reference.

Manang's Chicken - Menu
Manang's Chicken - Menu

Chicken are available in Original, Mild Spicy, and Extra Spicy.

Enjoy Manang’s Chicken at your home, call 584-8848* for deliveries.
*Ortigas, Makati, and Fort area only.

UPDATE: Manang’s Chicken posted this entry on their Facebook wall ( Thank you!


  1. The freak is just jelous. Manangs Chicken made me forget chickenjoy. Sarap talaga ng Chicken niyo:) san pwede magpadeliver? may hotline number na ba.. am craving NOW!

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