Gong Cha

When I visited Hong Kong last April, I knew I won’t miss Serenitea (though I’d surely miss my tea partner). In Hong Kong tea is like water, they’re served soon as you pick a table.

Besides, you’ll find a tea place everywhere. True to that is just a minute away from my hotel is Gong Cha. You won’t miss it, every time I pass by Jardine’s Bazaar, there’s always a line there, people are waiting for them to be served a nice fix of tea.

I lined up and while at it I perused their menu and decided to get their Chocolate Milk Tea. So when I’m finally in front of the line and the lady smiled at me asking what I’ll have, I told her I’ll have the Chocolate Milk Tea. After a couple of minutes, she handed me my tea.

Gong Cha Menu
Gong Cha Menu

I was so excited, the feeling of the cold tea in my hand makes me want to drink it right there and then but when I’m just about to insert the straw, the thought of sipping it alone in my room came to my mind and felt it’s kind of more refreshing so I hurriedly walked back to my hotel to enjoy my tea there.

Gong Cha Chocolate Milk Tea
Gong Cha Chocolate Milk Tea

The tea was cold and the mix of chocolate in the tea is just right. Not too sweet and not too vapid. When I’m done with the last drop, I said to myself “I’ll be back for Gong Cha”.

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