Knowing the Basics of Protein Supplements

Protein is a series of amino acids that is a primary source for nitrogen in the body.  A positive nitrogen balance is required for proper muscle growth and maintenance. Protein along with carbohydrates and fats are macronutrients that provide energy for the body’s needs. It is important to note that protein helps maintain the immune system of the body and keep it functioning well.

Organic eggs of Fabian Farm
Organic eggs of Fabian Farm

Protein Suppliers

Protein food suppliers include: eggs, milk, cheese, seafood, fish, poultry, meat, nuts, and legumes. These foods are rich in amino acids and therefore considered complete protein food. Small amounts of protein are found in fats and starch.  Since the protein levels in these foods are low; they are considered incomplete protein foods like vegetables.

Protein Supplements

Protein supplements are less expensive than real protein rich foods. They are lighter and easy to grab when one is in a hurry. These supplements are basically fortified with minerals and vitamins making these protein food even richer and multi supplementary.

The protein food supplements usually come in powder form and when mixed with liquid, they are in shakes or drinks.  While these foods are easy to digest and take less time to prepare, they can have disadvantages too.  Some of these not so good effects are bloating on the stomach due to taking these before bed time and not so fulfilling for meat lovers.

Protein supplements also come in number of flavors such as in fruit flavored protein powders, cookie and cream weight gainers and peanut butter flavored protein bars.

Work outs and Muscle Loss

Workouts in gyms are necessary because physical fitness is very important; however some muscles are depleted of glycogen and are damaged due to the physical activities.  No need to worry because there is the protein supplement that takes charge of the repair and recovery.  This is particularly true to body builders who need to add muscle mass and athletes who need extra protein for energy. .

These supplements are also good for dieters and hard gainers. Dieters can avail of protein supplements and meal replacement products to aid in fat burning and to put off hunger. The hard gainers are the underweight, or those with fast metabolism whose eating alone does not normalize body weight anymore.

Types of Protein

Soy protein is produced from de-fatted soy flakes through an extraction process that removes soluble carbohydrates or sugars. Wheat protein’s special benefit is high in glutamine, which aid in muscle building and recovery. Milk is a source of many forms of protein, including whole-milk protein, which is processed through filtration that removes much of the fat and carbohydrates from whole milk.

Used as a base protein by bodybuilders, Weight Protein Concentrate contains some carbohydrates and fat.  It is processed through ion exchange and/or a filtering process, called microfiltration or ultrafiltration. Casein protein is the other protein part in milk. It’s more difficult to digest and absorb than whey. It’s slower in delivering amino acids to the blood and muscles Egg protein, commonly called egg-white albumin, is costly compared to whey and casein. Devoid of carbohydrates and fat, egg-white protein is a clean source of protein.

Editor’s note:Written by The Park Clubm, a gym in Chiswick, West London that promotes a high protein diet for those who reguarly workout.

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