Five Must-Visit Restaurants in Hanoi

Traditional Vietnamese favourites like pho and bánh mì are just the beginning in Hanoi. The city’s French, Chinese, Thai and even Japanese influences throughout history have created a melting pot of cuisines that foodies will adore. If you’re keen to try out some unique cuisine perhaps for the braver diners, take your pick from birds nest soup, fertilized duck egg, pig tails and trotters.

Don’t miss these five irresistible and very different dining opportunities in Hanoi.

La Badiane
La Badiane (Photography by Minh Spielmann & Anthony Balenci)

Bun Bo Nam Bo

For traditional Vietnamese street food at its best, be sure to stop off at Bun Bo Nam Bo, located at 67 Hang Dieu in the Hoan Kiem district. Don’t be put off by the modest exterior, as the food inside more than makes up for it. You needn’t even order at Bun Bo Nam Bo – simply sit down and you’ll be brought a bowl of their signature dish with which the restaurant shares its name.


The story behind KOTO will touch and inspire you almost as much as the food will delight you. Part of the greater KOTO charity, KOTO Restaurant Hanoi trains young disadvantaged locals and equips them with the skills required to be successful in the hospitality industry. The money made by the restaurant goes towards the training and development of more disadvantaged youths. As for the food – your taste buds will be forever in your debt.

Essence Café

If you happen to be staying at the Essence Hanoi Hotel in the Old Quarter of Hoan Kiem (or anywhere nearby for that matter), you’re in for a real treat. On the first floor of the hotel is Essence Café, offering a truly gourmet experience mixing Vietnamese and international cuisine in a peaceful and immaculately presented setting. It goes without saying that a flight to Hanoi is a flight into a culinary wonderland.

La Badiane

The involvement of France in Hanoi’s history means you’re never too far away from a tasty French treat. If you’ve finally had enough Vietnamese food for one trip, escape to La Badiane, a lovely French restaurant known for its calming atmosphere and fantastically presented food. Be sure to try the seafood bisque or crab risotto.


When it comes to fine dining in Hanoi, it doesn’t get any better than Halia. Though it’s probably the most expensive restaurant you’ll go to in Hanoi, it’s also the best. Soak up the breathtakingly elegant atmosphere and enjoy cuisine from around the globe. The duck main course is always a good option, and don’t miss out on trying one or two of Halia’s famous cocktails.

Explore Hanoi and Vietnam, try out the dishes Vietnam is renowned for and if you’ve got a strong stomach try out some of the delicacies. If you’d like any advice on where to stay or book flights, check with your local travel consultants.

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