Create a Brand for your Restaurant by Embracing Your Persona

Creating a brand for your restaurant is not the same as creating the brand for any other kind of business. Restaurants, at the very heart of their business, are hosts. You need to create an ambiance and personality that will make guests think when they haven’t seen you in a while they actually miss your company. You have to develop a sense of community that isn’t found in any other restaurant in your area. Working with a restaurant consulting firm can help you create your persona, but looking to your surroundings, talent and even your building will be the true inspiration to get you started.

Dining tables at KaLui Restaurant

Signature Dishes

You need only watch a single episode of “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” to clue in that signature dishes draw crowds. When you take an everyday dish and make it your own, you can begin to create a fan base that can’t live without your cooking. It is not quite as simple as taking macaroni and cheese and adding a unique cheese or topping, creating a specialty French toast or developing a killer dipping sauce people can use for everything from fries to sandwiches and burgers. Signature dishes have to help create a personality for your cuisine. You have to find unique offerings that will help build a reputation for your innovative menu and creative use of unusual but delicious ingredients. Restaurants that are all over the map can be too overwhelming to customers. Focusing on a few excellent dishes and some staples will be also save you money.

Your Philosophy

Find ways to communicate your food philosophy to your customers to help create your brand and persona. Many people are attracted to restaurants that focus on finding only the freshest, local ingredients that will be both eco-friendly and healthy. Using thoughtful comments on your menu writing and walls that reflect your food and community philosophy will inspire trust and respect. It will also demonstrate your commitment to providing not only fresh, organically, locally grown foods but taking care to make as little impact on the environment as possible. You can work with a restaurant accountant or consultant to help you with menu engineering that will reflect your philosophy and your talents.

Your Restaurant

Consider your restaurant and how it is decorated. Do you have a clever name you can invest in to create a fun atmosphere people will come to enjoy? Historical buildings or buildings with an interesting story can also provide inspiration to create an ambiance that is unique to make you a destination spot for tourists and locals alike. Working with restaurant consulting firms can often provide insight you have missed because you are too close to your business. They can also help you take a step back if you have gone a little too far on the theme idea.

Establishing your brand and persona will profile you as a gracious host who loves company. Ensuring every nuance of your restaurant reflects your belief in fresh food, excellent service and innovation will help you carry out the plan you create and help grow your business.

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